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  • This picture is of her on her latest show, Date My Dad.

  • As you may have gathered, fans have seen no photographs from the nuptials, but we are sure the actors looked incredible as always.

  • A topless Emma Stone aside, this movie definitely sounds like a winner! Modelling for the best Of course, with so many eyes on Raquel in the 70s, there were bound to be endless companies reaching out to her with modelling gigs in mind.

The injection contains Botox, which appears to be beneficial because she is able to retain her beautiful appearance.

  • She drew yet more attention to her assets by accessorising with a long pearl necklace which draped over her décolletage in the black and white shot.

  • Although she did cover her hair with a matching headscarf, one could argue that it was the only part of the actress that was hidden from sight.

  • She is best known for played Bond girl Melina Havelock in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only 1981.

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