Guys go crazy - 🧡 20 irresistible things that drive men crazy

Guys go crazy

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guys go crazy

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Crazy guys go PHOTOS: Guys

Crazy guys go

Crazy guys go

Crazy guys go

Crazy guys go

Crazy guys go

Crazy guys go

Do not try to be like some super star you once saw on television.

  • And if they are hired as eye candy, who cares if they are straight of gay? Idk, I just think he is really cute!! Men think so as well.

  • If you just want to stay home, tell him.

  • I'd rather be with someone who wants to be with me than to chase a guy who isn't interested that's not fair for anyone it's hard because sometimes we want something and we become stubborn and therefor we are not open to miracles.

Don't douse yourself with perfume, but pick a simple, flirty or sexy perfume and apply just a little.

  • You've told him what you want, so sit back and let him know he needs to follow through for you.

  • Bt want a relationshp with hm.

  • We try to go out and have fun with our friends but I can't help nag at him about where he's at or what he's going and all that.

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