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I wish she did, I guess she wished so too.

  • She looked at me and smiled.

  • I took of my wet jeans and dried myself of with one of my t shirts and put on a clean pair of blue jeans and came out of my room trying to pretend as though everything was normal.

  • I heard the door open and it was Susan again.

Also that same summer I wanted to have my own place, so together with the help of my dad and a couple of friends we built a log cabin at the end of a meadow about a mile from the main ranch house and now that is my home whenever I am not at work.

  • My orgasm was still really close from before when she was sucking on me and it felt so good and warm inside her as I lowered her onto me that I made only a few hard thrusts into her as I walked and before we made it to camp we both reached an amazing orgasm.

  • I really didn't know what to think at this point.

  • I had fantasized about her a lot the last two years, ever since she turned sixteen, but I never imagined she would look this good naked.

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