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Akuma Akuma might be a character from Street Fighter but even he would be blown away by Suicide Girl Akuma's stunning looks.

  • Despite their resignations, their photos remain on the site, minus their ubiquitous SuicideGirls online journals.

  • Mooney has said that the site's purpose is to give women control over how their sexuality is depicted.

  • In completed suicides, the state of dress, including partial undress and nakedness may provide important clues in a psychological autopsy.

Firefly Hopefully she picked her name as homage to the excellent sci-fi series, Firefly is from Ohio and into ''grunge, dark, creepy imagery.

  • Jessica started skipping school after she was bullied by girls but that soon led to her tragic death A teenager committed suicide after her life was made a misery when her ex-boyfriend circulated a nude photo she had sent him around her school.

  • Black has created a petition on Change.

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