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A Visit to One of Germany's All

Up to about ten years ago, I used to go to Thailand every so often.

  • All she saw of Germany was the Esso gas station around the corner, where she was allowed to go to buy cigarettes and snacks, but only in the company of a guard.

  • Rudloff is now serving a five-year sentence for aiding and abetting trafficking.

  • Her desire to regulate brothels more heavily failed in the face of opposition by Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.

When German telecom providers introduced flat rates for mobile data usage, the sex industry hat the genius idea of adopting this concept for sex clubs.

  • This was mainly at the municipal level.

  • Because they refuse to answer questions, the eerie dungeon still hasn't been found and the Romanian woman is now in the witness protection program.

  • The court ruled that a general prohibition of prostitution infringed a basic right to choose one's occupation, as laid down in the 2002 Prostitution Act.

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