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This hilariously deranged scene seems like it was written to dodge the issue of bestiality, but ended up having the opposite effect.

  • It would be unethical for a lawyer to give you such advice on reddit.

  • Emission is not necessary; and, when committed by a human being with another, the use of the genital organ of one of the offenders of whatever sex is sufficient to constitute the crime.

  • He or she engages in sexual conduct with an animal or a dead human body.

It starts with Kenai the former human, now a bear and his bear brother Koda enjoying their single lives while all the other animals are pairing up.

  • So to recap, ghosts have mistaken an amulet for a lifetime sex contract, and are tearing the very Earth apart to make sure this engaged woman leaves her fiance to let a bear's bone-filled penis enter her tender human parts.

  • What you saw was a scam, pure and simple.

  • If any person shall commit the crime against nature, with mankind or beast, he shall be punished as a Class I felon.

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