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CATFISH Is Nev Schulman gay? Single? Nope! Meet Nev's girlfriend Shanee Pink

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The Real Reason Max Joseph Quit ‘Catfish’

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Unfortunately for all those fan girls and guys and anyone aspiring to try to catfish him , Max is officially off the market: He is married to an adorable Brazilian fashion blogger, Priscila Joseph.

  • What efforts do you take to respect the humanity of the people on your show? Six years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtless pics of our favorite hairy Hollywood actor.

  • He believes they are humans.

  • He is happily married to his beautiful wife Laura for 4 years now and has his own little family with their two kids.

Another Nev Schulman shirtless photo showing us that he really is that hairy.

  • A day later, Schulman allegedly attempted to seduce her in his hotel room, the report said.

  • In 2012, Schulman became the host and executive producer of the follow up show for , with his filmmaking partner , where he introduces couples in real life who have fallen for each other online but have yet to meet.

  • I love making Catfish and will continue to do so.

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