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Minas Tirith is besieged; the Lord of the Nazgûl uses a and the power of his Ring to destroy the city's gates.

  • It only goes up from there.

  • On the way, they are captured by rangers led by , Boromir's brother.

  • In the rush to print, Remington had no time to read the book, and surprised Tolkien with details such as a tree with pumpkin-like fruits, and a lion, which was painted out for later editions.

While a relatively small fraction of Warforged are attracted to his teachings, and not all of the zealots who have been charmed by his words have been able to yet reach his side, many fear that the sole reason the Lord of Blades hasn't acted on his apocalyptic campaign of conquest is because his army is still too small.

  • Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

  • Shermy, Patty, Violet, Pig-Pen, Frieda, Franklin, Rerun, and Eudora have been members of the core, or at least the main cast, at some point or another; a case could also be made for 5, Roy, Spike, and Rerun's aforementioned friend.

  • They decide to try to shake off the Black Riders by cutting through the.

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