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I always use the highest quality jewellery in the industry to pierce with.

  • Looking for directions has never been so much fun! Imagine looking at this and not smacking your lips a little bit — crazy, right! But most of all I love the confident and joyful sluttiness of the whole work.

  • Premium brands can cost more.

  • I love the styling, I love the composition, I love that massive gold ball ring.

It also creates a rather strange bulk in the crotch area, which tends to be somewhat difficult to conceal under clothing.

  • You wait — and wait — and finally you begin to hear the laughter.

  • Finally, put on the device and leave it in place for no longer than 20 minutes - having the stretching device on for longer periods of time can cause permanent damage to your scrotum.

  • Now, the sock has cushioned your legs and body from the steel.

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