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Olympic dreams: However, going into the 2016 Rio Olympics with the Australian Opals, Liz confessed she 'hated basketball' and would retire when she won a medal.

  • It makes me go harder, it makes me push for more,' she said.

  • She began wearing blue contact lenses and straightening her hair, even dying it blond in the hope she would look more like the girls around her.

  • All society wants from me is to sit down, shut up, go to training and play my sport.

Cambage has discussed the mental and emotional strains she experienced because, as a young girl in Australia, she rarely saw women who looked like her be praised, pedestaled or celebrated.

  • Liz Cambage has a provocative social media presence Cambage also considers herself a fighter for gender equality and an 'alpha female with a lot of masculine personality'.

  • She later changed her mind and was brought to tears when the team qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, which have since been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • She was then joined by a male friend in the ocean, who playfully wrapped his arms around her waist as they cooled off from the blazing sunshine.

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