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The first porn parody on the Batman movies and fiction comics were released way back in the 1960's, but it was a movie with low video quality and lackluster production values.

  • Not just this, we also saw a double ass penetration.

  • After the loud moaning coming from under the table alerts him, the hungry man finally realizes he can get a whole slice of the delicious Siri if he wants.

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Food, air, water are the main resource for living in this period of crisis but people would not survive without reproduction.

  • Like the original movie, this parody also consists of several parts and each part comes with a bunchful of hardcore sex scenes.

  • The scene starts with a hardcore and sloppy blowjob.

  • The girls end up with some blazing wet cum juices from dicks and pussies instead of the actual artefact.

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