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Most well known, probably, for the reality show her and Ice-T have called Ice Loves Coco on the E! She has also written for websites such as TheTravel, contributing travel and vacation articles, and TheRichest, where she wrote celebrity and entertainment content until it stopped publishing in the Fall of 2018.

  • The two were attending the Bash for the Bulldogs Fundraising Gala in New York City.

  • We all know Coco is so comfortable in her skin, so she seemed to play it off pretty well when we all got to behold her bare va jay jay! She has been married to rapper and actor Ice-T since 2002, and the two have been known to be one of those couples that are attached at the hip — they even had their own reality show, Ice Loves Coco.

  • But since the very beginning since Chanel was born, as you can see in this photo, the adorable mommy and daughter duo have been wearing matching outfits.

Now, not only has he released a new picture, but also a text he claims to have had with rapper Ice-T.

  • Coco posted this cute photo on her Instagram, and we love that even though Chanel is getting older, she still wants to match mom! Do you think her gigantic ass helps her balance or makes it harder? Who am I kidding of course she does lol.

  • So we've handpicked our favourite snaps of Coco for you to enjoy! She later switched sections to become one of the features and entertainment editors.

  • And as everyone knows this is not the first scandal of Coco as she herself has leaked tons of nude pictures of her junk several times.

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