Juan david ortiz, - 🧡 Hearing for former BP agent scheduled for next week

Juan david ortiz,

David ortiz, juan Texas Border

David ortiz, juan One Year

Border patrol agent indicted on capital murder after killing four women

David ortiz, juan Juan David

A serial killer at the border

David ortiz, juan Juan David

Juan David Ortiz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David ortiz, juan 3 years

David ortiz, juan Former BP

David ortiz, juan

David ortiz, juan

David ortiz, juan

David ortiz, juan

Two days later, her family would once again be slapped with information that left them incredulous.

  • He tried to kill me, she said.

  • Facebook 47 of66 Jose Jalomos pleaded no contest in October 2014 to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

  • During interviews with investigators, Ortiz reportedly expressed a hatred of prostitutes.

Claudine kept talking about getting clean for her kids, and on the street, her role became a semi-maternal one.

  • Texas Rangers and investigators with the sheriff's department went to Ortiz's home and searched it Friday night, but Ortiz was not home.

  • Instead, in front of her, a state trooper called Francisco Hernandez was refuelling his patrol car.

  • Border Patrol at the time of his arrest.

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