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Drumroll, please . . . Grayson Wentz is the OFFICIAL Turd Burglar.

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Angered she links that to a a link to a video on her Twitch live stream which reveals Mackenzie's infidelity as an unaware Dylan appears in the video within the timeframe of the phallic incident, proving his innocence and exonerating him.

  • His final act as the Turd Burglar is to post all the graphic, private photos and videos he got out of people like Jenna and DeMarcus, even though he promised he wouldn't.

  • Wexler is forced to resign, and Kevin remains sentenced to in-house arrest for nine months.

  • Still, she enjoys every chance to put her music and musical theater knowledge to good use, particularly when it intersects with her love of superhero movies.

This makes her cheating, if not sympathetic, more understandable.

  • Unlike on a more ambiguous note, season 2 offers answers to who did the poop pranks and why.

  • What type of series is American Vandal making fun of? And just like those cultural phenomenons, American Vandal created characters that felt super real even if the and.

  • Before Grayson is arrested and eventually stands trial for his crimes, the Turd Burglar pulls one last stunt, called The Dump.

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