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Bart blond

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To Surveil with Love

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Bartholomew Fatima

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Bart has released many solo albums and made extra earnings out of it too.

  • Barts's important achievement might be the song I Can Only Imagine, which he wrote for his late father as an inspiration and tribute to the complicated relationship he shared with him.

  • She deliberately presents a weak argument at the next debate meeting in favor of school uniforms and conformity.

  • When Bart was a young child, became his appointed Guardian and knight-in-training.


  • Board members serve a four-year term.

  • Maybe general nuclear poisoning of the water and area could be to blame.

  • Bart Simpson 10 year-old animated character In probably the most unlikely nude scene since Kathy Bates in About Schmidt, Bart Simpson exposed his taliwacker in The Movie.

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