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Amy space kitten

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Space kitten amy

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Space kitten amy

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Space kitten amy

Space kitten amy

The rumor of her being androgynous is most likely a mistranslation of android.

  • There are no set rules to kitten play.

  • While Sonic, and all received minor design changes, Amy's clothing and hairstyle were completely revamped.

  • In the end, they are revealed to be okay, and Sonic pleasantly joins them for a relaxing nap in the open meadow.

The cat saucer lands in the Planet Express hangar, where the crew begins unloading supplies, including an enormous ball of yarn and a large amount of cobalt; it's obvious that the cats are using the crew to construct something in the basement, but when Amy and Nibbler try to investigate, they are told that no one without a cat may enter.

  • Eventually though, a young Amy Rose emerges from the nearby bushes during a stroll, only for some snow to fall on her head.

  • The sweet kitty switches on her purr-motor as she snugs in comfortably and falls asleep.

  • She expresses concerns over Sonic's defeat, stating that she has recurring dreams where Sonic is still with them, which makes her hold out hope that Sonic might still be alive.

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