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Wasn't Sally Rand the bubble lady? Instead, he went to his lawyer and demanded a divorce - although they never actually divorced before his death in 1975.

  • Photo Credit: Getty Images Construction of their home was finally completed in February 1981.

  • Be grateful for the years you had.

  • The photographs, which show the former First Lady walking casually along a beach in Skorpios, Greece without a scrap of clothing, were part of a widespread smear campaign by her husband, Greek tycoon Aristotle 'Ari' Onassis, the book claims.

Nor is it she in the ape photo, as Ham Radio has already explained that that is fan dancer Sally Rand.

  • Had a hard time finding the info, I gave the imdb link for verification.

  • It's an unknown actress seen only briefly in The Sign of the Cross.

  • In a life filled with so much joy, laughter, and great success, only has one regret — and it has to do with her.

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