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However, few people are aware of its reputation as a center.

  • In these sessions, we will dive deep into the patterns that are holding you back, unravel unhelpful conditioning, and guide you along a new path of physical connection and energetic renewal.

  • It is known for a fact that when falling in love and during the honey moon period, people enjoy being passionately intimate with each other, but after some time, and for everyone this time is different, intimacy either becomes shallow or stops all together.

  • I laughed hysterically, I experienced my first energy orgasm, and I developed a coherent strategy for moving forward with my tantric education.

I was disappointed to find the spiritual teachings had little to say about the positive aspects of sexual pleasure.

  • A Tantric lifestyle is all-encompassing, and includes more flexibility in mind and body, radiant health, feeling more youthful, and higher self-esteem.

  • Carla explains how to work with a Tantrika, convenient rituals you can do at home to establish deep connection with your lover, and how to use Tantric communication to open your heart to more connected and authentic sex.

  • This is the pathway to reclaim it… Take a breath, Beloved, you have arrived.

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