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Born on July 30, 1980, April Michelle Bowlby is from Vallejo, California.

  • Actress Tricia O'Kelley began her acting career in Chicago, where she appeared in numerous television commercials, including spots for McDonald's, Budweiser and Sears.

  • They also claim that her nose looks different, and hence her side profile has significantly changed.

  • She is known for her roles in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan 2018 , Carrie 2013 , Showtime's Total Recall 2070 1999 , and Whale Music 1994 , which was nominated for Best Picture at the Canadian Genie Awards.

Speculations arose in 2020 after new photos of April surfaced.

  • Going by what is known of her person, there is much more for her to explore and offer, both on and off the screen.

  • Just like many other celebs, April has been a victim of death hoax.

  • However, when her father appears, they seem to have a great relationship.

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