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I broke down in tears as I started to read the comments.

  • The sender is probably genuinely excited to be there.

  • Snapchat is probably the best app out there right now, closely tied with Instagram.

  • I know how hard it can be to get your hairstyle just right, so when it does look good, this behavior is completely acceptable and, honestly, encouraged.

Whether you are taking those snapchats for personal reasons, perhaps for people to help you raise your self-esteem issues or you may be sending these pics to a boyfriend.

  • However, donating some of her breast milk to other women in need is what has kept Ms La Flare balanced.

  • The Hungover Snap You woke up with your lights on and in your outfit from the night before; there may or may not be an empty pizza box next to you in bed.

  • Everything can be leaked nowadays…Including hot snapchat photos such as this.

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