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Unorthodox and glamorous, Emma Stahl is addicted to adventure and beautiful women.

  • Her main weapon was a large sword.

  • Encouraged by her mother, who was a model prior to her daughter's birth, Kristanna's modeling.

  • Six hours before the shooting started, I found someone.

But this spitfire also cared about the people around her and wanted to fight for what was right.

  • The question is now how do we get all these women to help us produce Emma Stahl? Actress Heather Matarazzo was born November 10, 1982, in Oyster Bay, New York.

  • He was planning to torture Margo by injecting her with a poisonous substance before murdering her.

  • Nobody—her superiors included—could walk all over her, and she was instrumental in saving the human race after her home was destroyed by robots yes, robots.

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