You re so tall - 🧡 PwC's Alexa Merschel on How to Respond to 'You're So Tall'

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Little Sis Dana Grows Taller

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I need a good response to "you're so tall!" : seduction

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But bikes are most often too small for tall people like me.

  • Unflattering face angle Have you tried to take a photo of yourself from below? I can't get into them.

  • Cars, airplanes and legroom in general Legroom.

  • Yo mama is so tall on Christmas when you sit on her head you can see santa flying away in his sleigh.

Getting things you cannot reach and laughing at.

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  • If you are taller than that, you need a California King bed, which is 84 inches long.

  • With that being said, you probably should give basketball a shot as you have a good physical starting point for getting good at it.

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