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Ce record dépasse le précédent qui était déjà de dix-huit secondes et était détenu par dans la chanson Lovely Day.

  • Deux de ces albums sont chantés en , mais celui de 1995, Wild Seed, chanté en , devient bien plus qu'un succès national.

  • Despite the poverty, you were hanging round London with the glamorous new romantic stars of the day.

  • But in the cool, distanced synth landscape, he is perfect.

Credibility goes out the window, Taubes says, and it doesn't matter how loud you are, no one will listen.

  • Trim and taut, nattily turned out in tweeds and bow tie, he was the very paragon of the professorial personality—a demeanor that later landed him a cameo role in Woody Allen's 1983 mockumentary film, Zelig.

  • Have you ever cursed your good looks? Olav is granted as a reward for renowned services to their country and humankind.

  • Bill, at war's end he returned to Harvard to earn his PhD, awarded in 1950.

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