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Becky holt tattoo

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Tattoo becky holt Britain's'Most Tattooed

Tattoo becky holt 'Britain's most

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Tattoo becky holt

Tattoo becky holt

Tattoo becky holt

Tattoo becky holt

Tattoo becky holt

In an Instagram post shared with her 38,800 followers, Becky covered her tattoos with thick makeup.

  • I am the same age as Becky and my life could not be more opposite to hers, my family, my career and giving us the best life possible is what I am about.

  • You may find yourself switching sides after this enticing photo slideshow, however, you'll want to wait until the end of the gallery to make your final decision.

  • What make-up did you use? In 2020, the model shared what she looked like before getting inked and claimed that the glow was real and made her more accept her body.

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